Wednesday, May 06, 2015

Let the Whining Begin

"Left turn in Canada's oil-rich Alberta leaves investors reeling"

This is an actual Reuters headline this morning

And what does this "reeling" look like. 

Less than 1.5 percentage points. 

Normal fluctuation in other words. 

There will be lots of this kind of fear mongering in the coming days. Get used to it. 

The corporate media will do it's level best to have you believe that the NDP government is a worse business partner than the government of China and their petroleum arm Petro-China which already owns majority control of the province's oil fields. 

Every time some corporate toadie whinges at you about this disaster in Alberta ask them if they think Petro-China is afraid of Rachel Notley and the Alberta NDP? Cause that's who owns the oil fields.

It's OK with them that non-Canadians own a majority of the oil sands production and that the lion's share of the profits go overseas but it's not OK with them that Canadians who live in Alberta have elected a government other than their preference. 

They can go fuck themselves. 


tjd said...

Priceless: "Canadian oil and gas shares tumbled and the country's main stock index hit a one-month low on Wednesday after the left-wing New Democratic Party surged to power in the oil-rich province of Alberta on promises that included energy industry reforms."

OMG A ONE-MONTH LOW YOU GUYS!!! Our corporate masters are punishing us for our selfish choices!

e.a.f. said...

Yes, they can go fuck themselves.

it was interesting in Notley's first interview with the CBC's Wendy, M. Notley referred to Peter Lougheed's work for Alberta. Bet you Notley has Lougheed's play book in her bottom drawer and every time her detractors say something, she'll just refer them to Peter Lougheed's career and decisions.

Notley's Crew are made in Alberta NDP. They will be different from other NDP governments. They will find made in Alberta solutions for Alberta problems.