Saturday, May 16, 2015

Clark Demonstrates Her Respect

This toxic bitch has no respect or regard for what you or I or anyone else wants.

She wants what she wants because she wants it and you can go pound sand.

If it suits her narcissistic purposes to announce a death in your family she doesn't care if you specifically request that she not do it - she's going to do it anyway.

Surely there is a better use for the oxygen she uses up.


Purple library guy said...

The one redeeming feature of Christy Clark is her cowardice. Unlike say Harper, it is often possible to spook her into not doing some horrible policy. It's not like she cares much about policy in the first place.

Dana said...

That may be true.

Her main qualification for office is that, like the cute girl in high school, she has a knack for being popular. If she becomes fearful that her popularity is under threat she might back off of everything.

But it's also true that she has surrounded herself with some of the scorpions that have been feeding off of the decaying corpse of the so-cred movement.

Any one of those scorpions is capable of biting her and forcing a leadership change if she becomes a liability, no matter how minor, and of course the whole schlemozzle is magnified magnitudinally by her gender. No doubt they're glad they won 2years ago but there will still be those muttering into their wee jockstraps that she doesn't dangle.

Fucked up province and always has been.