Friday, June 20, 2014

TFW reformishness

Yeah, whatever. Some caps, some more inspections, some 'up to' fines. Capital is like water and will find the cracks.

A $1000 application fee? Some places could probably recover that in a paycheque or two, or find a way of transfering the cost to the employee. Fines seem high, but don't kick in until the fall, which should give the rats plenty of time to find the cracks and spaces to hide. I could go on.

The problem is the program, its expansion, and the attack on Canadian workers and the exploitation of foreigners the expansion represents. At the end of the day, Canadians are being displaced by lower-waged people from abroad who do not have the same rights and expectations from their employers that Canadians have.

Just wait until the news gets out in a few months that nothing's changed or things have gotten worse, possibly due to some Trojan horse hidden in the program reforms. That's how these Cons think. 


gingersnap said...

Most of us know Harper for what he is and Harper is no Conservative, what-so-ever.

Harper and his so called Cons are a litany of, lies, deceit, thefts, are corrupt, use underhanded politics, underhanded tactics and, they don't mind cheating to win. Harper is also a blatant coward and evil to the bone. Stalin, Hitler and Mussolini had those very same characteristics. They too were control freaks and dictators.

This is our fault. In some countries they would have marched on Harper and would have, run him out of the country.

Many of us were brought up in, the good, decent and democratic Canada. We have to change our mind sets. How many times have we heard, but, this is Canada and Harper can't do that. We must not expect the best from Harper. We must expect the worst because, worst is all we will ever have from, the likes of the, vile monster Harper.

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Alison said...

Boris : your Trojan Horse