Monday, June 23, 2014

Dear Canada ... Kiss your navy goodbye

The Royal Canadian Navy, your navy, is now in worse condition than it ever was under any other government since before the 2nd World War.

Today the RCN announced that HMCS Iroquois is so badly rusted out and so dangerous to sail that it may never return to service.

That leaves the RCN with one, that's right, one serviceable destroyer. The RCN has one, that's right, one replenishment ship.

What that means is that the RCN is able to put ONE under-strength task group to sea in the event of a crisis, whether military or humanitarian. In a country bordered by three oceans, we have to choose ONE and hope it's a correct guess.

The RCN is conducting patrols with clapped-out, continually useless Maritime Coastal Defence Vessels, the likes of which don't even have a useable gunnery system and present a useless sick-bay.

So much for the myth perpetuated by the Harper government that the Conservatives are all about defending Canada. You'd have to go back to 1936 to find Canada's navy in such a deplorable state.

Harper lied to you and he lied to the armed services.


the salamander said...

.. he lies about everything.. his government and party lie about everything. Somewhere, barricaded in offices, hangers, docks, outposts, labs.. are Canadians, whether military, public service, scientists, soldiers etc.. who must be in shock that we are being attacked from within, by our own government, a rabid related political party, thousands of lawyers, complicit bureaucrats, complicit enablers, petro partners and dim jackals..

gingersnap said...
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Steve said...

I say make copies of the bluenose and stock them with TFW. Showing the falg.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for re-colonizing us
AND the Canadian Navy, Conservatives.

Royal my ass. ('scuse me.)

Scotian said...

And I thought the Mulroney years were bad for the military and Navy. Damn, Dave, this is truly sickening indeed. Thanks for headlining it, this is something we all need to know!

gingersnap said...

Seems, galloping beaver missed this news, that was on more than one web site.

Air Force hiring foreign pilots
June 23/2014

Dave said...

Nope, didn't miss it. Didn't comment because The Star article is highly inaccurate and very misleading. And, no, I'm not going to get into a discussion about it save to point out that the CAF/RCAF has had had non-Canadian pilots in its ranks for decades.

The Mound of Sound said...

Dave, do you think our subs will be ready for service in time for the expiry of their hulls?

What about our Arctic patrol ships, the HMCS Svalbard? Last May we paid Irving $288-million to design our new Arctic ships, the designs for which we already bought from Norway for $5-million. The Norwegians designed and built the Svalbard for under $100-million.

Did you see that SAAB bought Thyssen Krup Marine to become the go-to builder of modern, air-independent conventional subs. From what I've read, for what we paid for the Brit boats and what we've paid to repair them, we could have had four new-technology boats that are actually capable of doing what subs are supposed to do.

Dave said...

Thing is, we didn't pay for those boats. The dollar amount was a trade of "service in kind" and for what it's worth, we were providing that service anyway. So for the cost of providing the British Army with a tank training ground, CFB Sheffield, we got 4 free boats. But you're correct, we could have built boats cheaper in the long run.