Sunday, June 22, 2014

The thickness of Peter Mackay

Let's face it, Peter Mackay is not among the sharpest implements in a drawer full of dull blades. His latest attack on women demonstrates a thought process that is not only overly-simplistic but flawed to the point of being dangerous. Tabatha Southey does a low-level strafing run on Mackay demonstrating his consistency in being wrong on, well, everything.
At this point, I’m impressed with the sheer breadth and scope of Justice Minister Peter MacKay’s ineptitude. These days he’s wrong about so many things and manages to communicate this wrongness in so many mediums, I’m in awe.
The man is wrong everywhere! He just keeps popping up wrong! Peter MacKay is like the Zelig of wrong! He’s wrong in the House of Commons – and throws papers on the floor. He’s as wrong in four-year-old as he is in adult.
It gets better and is a great Sunday morning read.

Of course, nothing about Mackay would be complete without pointing out his failure to keep it professional in the House of Commons when his steady squeeze gave Harper the finger. It also showed what he thought of women.
Liberal MP David McGuinty asked Mr. MacKay how the Conservatives' newly unveiled green plan would help his dog in Nova Scotia. Mr. MacKay is said to have looked up, pointed to Ms. Stronach's empty chair and said "You already have her."
Added Mr. McGuinty: "I mean, this is the kind of conduct that you expect from a schoolyard bully, not a Minister of Foreign Affairs ... It is not the conduct that is becoming of a minister of Foreign Affairs.
Mackay ran away from further questions on the matter.

But one has to wonder: What's motivating this mono-synaptic twit?

He sold out a "big tent" party (which admittedly had been shredded by Mulroney) to a bunch of intolerant, racist, small-minded, knuckle-dragging, low-life fascists just to get a seat at a particular table. This is not someone motivated by a sense of public service.

Could it be that Peter Mackay is so dumb that he believes he can outlast Harper and, because he sold out his once centrist party to the Calgary republicans, that he is the anointed monarch?

Please ... he can't be THAT stupid. 


gingersnap said...

To prorogue, lie, deceive and to run and hide is after all, Harper's mantra. Problem for MacKay would be? Harper has plumb run the party out of degenerates, to do the dirty work.

MacKay will have to learn a lot about Harper's expertise in butt-kissing of foreigners, if he wants to win their votes.

Meanwhile, the Canadian citizens never seem to run out of contempt, for Harper and his Cabal.

Scotian said...

Yes Dave, he can be THAT stupid. I think he is trying to prove that he is more capable a political figure/power-broker than his father was, but alas Elmer clearly had better political smarts than his son has ever shown. (His father was the MP for that riding in the past, fyi). I have a hard time referring to MacKay as other than traitor MacKay for what he did to the PCPC and how he did it, but these days I limit it to when I refer specifically to that act of treachery in some way, not out of respect to him but because he is a Minister of the Crown, and I will still respect the office even if I totally disrespect the holder and the government he is from.

From what I know from people who've known him personally he wasn't a bad sort on the personal level, but politically, man it is hard to imagine someone being as far wrong as often wrong as he is trying to be, let alone managing to stumble along as he appears to have. A friend of mine was in law school with him, and I do not believe she can believe what she has seen him become, but she is very careful about what she says because she still has the occasional professional interaction with the man. She still likes the man, but the politician, well there she is very quiet indeed, and to me this is where silence truly does speak volumes.

Lorne said...

Upper-class twit of the year seems to best describe McKay's limitations, in my view.

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