Friday, June 06, 2014

Swamp Blaney with information

So, Harper has ordered Public Safety Minister, Steven Blaney, to learn about and monitor every protest, everywhere by anybody in Canada.
The federal government is expanding its surveillance of public activities to include all known demonstrations across the country, a move that collects information even on the most mundane of protests by Canadians.
The email requesting such information was sent out Tuesday by the Government Operations Centre in Ottawa to all federal departments.
The Government Operations Centre is not allowed to issue such instructions. It's own terms of reference make it a body designed to respond to emergencies; not gather information on legitimate assemblies. In short the GOC is now spying on you. Welcome to Harper's Canada. (And the stinking turd has the unmitigated gall to call Putin a threat to stability).

Others have written extensively and eloquently on this. Dr. Dawg and Simon have pointed out very clearly what this means and if you don't get the "police state is here, now" flavour from their very clear messages, I would re-read them until you do.

So, what are you going to do about it?

Try this: Every community and local event, right down to a friggin' church bake sale should be reported to Blaney's office. Make every event a demonstration or protest.

Having a pancake breakfast? Make it a pancake breakfast to protest the consumption of toast.
Holding a bake sale to raise funds for the poor overseas? Make it a bake sale protesting the lack of foreign aid being provided by Canada.

Swamp the sonofabitch. They don't have the people or the resources to sort through it. And keep doing it. Don't let up and they'll eventually give up. You turn their own weapon against them.

You can send a letter, or thousands of letters, without postage, to:
Steven Blaney, MP
House of Commons,
Ottawa, ON, K1A 0A6


Fax: 613-995-6856

Phone: 613-992-7434

And feel free to tell your community newspaper what you're doing. They'll eat it up.


Skeena said...

Great idea! We need a catchy hashtag for tweeting our thousands of protests too.

Kim said...


Been watching QP lately. I call Blaney the Undertaker.

Skeena said...


Dave said...

I like the hashtag idea. somebody pick one! (The #TellBlaneyEverything will resonate with the previous #TellVicEverything crowd and the initiative that helped kill C-20)

karen said...

Ha! The annual Arts Council chili cook- off is tomorrow in PG. LINO MLA Shirley Bond is always in attendance! I'll send it in!

Boris said...

Hmm, might this be a way for the Cons to collect 'intelligence' on protests and other events that side-steps the RCMP and secret intelligence services, which have certain statutory obligations and limitations, and are not directly accessible to, oh, say, PMO staff and ministers? Why not set-up a separate channel for information gathering on [potential] public opposition that can be fed into a database directly accessible to political staff and ministers?

Boris said...

I mean, 'why not' in the sense that if you're the Harpercult bent on a Harperstate, you want direct control of your own sources of information.

This is what they do. Ministers do not have direct operational and tactical level control over bureaucratic statutory agencies, staffed by potential disloyal (to the Party) civil servants. Harper and his innards thus build alternative structures they can control, and where possible change the rules tso that critical functions, like election fraud investigations, are brought under direct political control.

Skeena said...

A few people have started using #HelpBlaneySpy

Dave said...

Awright then! We should go with it.

the salamander said...

.. this illegal act by Harper, PMO and Harper Government is related to the preliminary efforts to brand conservationists as extremists associated with terrorists and organized crime. Flaherty, Oliver et al.

Thus with an imminent decision re Northern Gateway pinning Harper down to three specific consequences, the illegal act is telling. He will approve the pipeline and is reckless enough to engage Canadians in the courts, on the streets and in the forest.. and within a contrived government.

He has bottomless budget for lawyers re the court fight and to jam unconstitutional legislation into play. As Boris suggests, he needs alternative illegal intel as well as via RCMP and spy services regarding everyone who stands against him.

To engage citizens on the streets, in the forests and on the coastlines with his RCMP and spy services and Canadian Forces he will need his own intel data that can be spun and interpreted as required.

Its getting very ugly right now.. as Harper cannot delay the stunningly flawed decision, nor can he reject the pipeline. Both those options cause his defeat, from without and from within. He cannot go against China now, that's fatal. Nor can he betray his energy partners.

Further, his not so secret evangilical caucus.. and their residence in our parliament buildings can blow him out of the water. That essentially 'official' caucus is leading an effort to take over federal riding nominations with fellow evangilical candidates. And how many evangilical MP's could walk across the floor as independants to force his fraudulent malignant government out of power?

Harper and his absurd connivers remind me of the Monty Python character that took 'just one more bite' then exploded. In the same way they think they're above the law of natural consequences. The truth, transparency of who they really are, is going to crush them.. and deliver a legacy of a bunch of incompetant crooks

kootcoot said...

My oh, Canada's own version of ContelPro (the infiltration of organizations in the sixties in the US that didn't agree with the War in Vietnam and other policy.

Maybe Canada's will also murder Jesuit priests and bust down doors and murder people in their bed, like happened to Fred Hampton.

Unknown said...


It is becoming extremely obvious as you and so many online journalists point out that we are being over-run by con artists who have taken the leadership chair.

WTF happened?

As a species it has becoming increasingly clear to me that we all need to move on and drop our bad habit of dependence on the petro state.

In the meanwhile it (the petro state) fuels a bunch of folks who are in denial of the changes about to come around.

And Harper et all are part of the problem as they have no solutions. They have become the hurdle we must jump over to get a better world.