Sunday, December 23, 2012

If Chief Spence dies...

If Chief Theresa Spence dies, the nature of Aboriginal-Government relations will radically change. At present there's simply no reason the other than decency that the Harper government will entertain a meeting or reconsider Bill C-45. There is no decency in today's Conservatives.

If Chief Spence dies, Aborginal people and their allies will have a martyr. If there is an uprising of some kind following her death, the Harper Conservatives will use it to justify taking what ever measures they deem necessary to break the back of Aboriginal political mobilisation. This is what they do.

It's a very serious business, this. 


Cathie from Canada said...

I agree, and I am so afraid the Harper Cons will see it as just another political stunt and think they can just ignore it.

the salamander said...

Try looking at Chief Theresa Spence as if she is a tree.. a tree within a habitat that gave birth to, sustains, embodies and reflects her .. as part of an integrated, functional environment.. blowing and bending in the wind

Just aim for a basic perspective or impression. ..

Then try looking at Stephen Harper in the same way, as a tree. Examine his pathway, habitat, and overall environment, his usefulness or balance. Is there beauty or meaning, veracity or true value, power ? Blowing in the wind.. or a blowhard complete bullshitter?

Well ..

I see Spence as a thriving iconic tree, healthy, powerful .. invigorating, revered, a matriarch integrated, sustained.. in a natural landscape, near a powerful lake or sea. Able to blossom, withstand fire and storm. A tree to shelter under, and in its canopy, an ecosystem thrives. Birds land.

I see Harper as a shrinking, sad, flawed, unhealthy, twisted tree that took root near an unhealthy mine or factory, and got its roots into sewage drainage. A distorted tree that disturbs ecology, does not assist the habitat in any way, forgettable. Rats inhabit its roots, limbs and blotched leaves. Cut down, the wood might burn in a fitful smelly way. Good for landfill only.

Listen to the wind as it passes over and through the two trees. Measure and feel the grace, the dissonance or threat. There are armored limos with political aids, plunderers, lobbyists, bodyguards, spokespersons under one.. Canoes, paddles, wildlife and Canadians, explorers - hikers, adventurers under the other.

Any false power held by Stephen Harper is being quietly drawn out of him, filtered and dispersed to the winds, through Chief Theresa Spence. He is disintegrating.. the rotting, draining process peacefully mitigated by an overwhelming spirit, in a teepee, in the middle of a river. At every dawn the man commands his parliamentary aides, the woman calls to her spirits.

Its not a fair contest.. the aides can bark and snap, but have no standing, the spirits rule.. and always will.

The best that Stephen Harper can hope for, is that the power flow does not reverse, and flow from her towards him. He does not have the capacity to absorb or hold such power. Humpty Dumpty is flushed & falls off his wall ..

What a lovely and amazing woman ... a stunning exemplar
A glowing heart .. a living tree

What a shallow, grasping, ugly and disgusting man ..
A bad whisky shill .. a carpet bagger.. dead wood

We should all decide who we really want as our neighbor
Who we really admire or aspire to be like ....

Do you want to lean on your backyard fence.. and laugh with Chief Theresa Spence.. or with Stephen Harper .. ?

I'm not trying to portray or suggest a popularity contest ..
but of these two ..
who is indispensable .. valid, the real deal .. Canadian .. walks in beauty
who is toxic .. full of shite ?

Kirbycairo said...

If Harper lets Chief Spence die without even acknowledging her it will be the end of him. And it will not be simple political backlash that will destroy him. It will be universal karmic retaliation. Racism against Canada's indigenous people is shockingly widespread and seems to be almost socially acceptable today. So many would be unconcerned about the death of one more aboriginal woman. But Chief Spence's death would have a much deeper resonance than superficial, daily politics. It will cut to the heart of our spirits and change us in a profound way. And that change of spirit would send seismic shockwave through the system that would crumble the foundations of the Harpercon government.

Gloria said...

Harper said while on TV. He is a devout Christian, who "prey's" every day.

Harper is such a Cristian, he gave China a wonderful x-mas present. He gave China Canada, served up on a silver platter. Harper has told China, they can sue any Canadians, blocking China's takeover of Canada. We all know how corrupt BC's judicial system is, from the trial of Campbell's theft and corrupt sale, of the BC Railroad. Anyway the BC courts awarded Red China, all of the BC mining jobs.

Chief Spence and her Canadian Human Rights, are exactly like Communist China's Human rights. The Chinese people don't have any.

I am very worried about Chief Spence. She is up against a total monster. We support our F.N. People in this province. Why is that province not supporting, Chief Spence and her people?

Harper as a devout Christian, doesn't seem to mind, a courageous woman will die for her people. Harper a Christian? My @$$ he is. He's a monster.