Thursday, December 20, 2012

"Evil" declareth he, the gunlobbyist

This is quite amazing. Most of the attention naturally seems focussed on the vapours inducing fact that Piers Morgan factually called Larry Pratt a "stupid man".  But pay attention at the 7:30 mark where Morgan calls the Newtown mass murderer Adam Lanza "derranged" and Pratt interjects and corrects him by judging Lanza an "evil son" then goes on to justify himself by saying that "if you believe there is evil in the world you don't as your first line of defence attempt to solve psychiatrically".

OK, first, I would bet substantial money that's a theory straight outta Christian Fundie School. In a few words, Pratt rejects the science and reason that defines and codifies mental illness, let alone separates us from barbarism, and instead reclassifies it as evil. How do you protect against mentally ill evil people?

Shoot them.

Me thinks the psychiatrists should take a good look inside Pratt's head.

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Way Way Up said...

OMFG! I can't believe this moron actually maintains that where you have high gun ownership you they actually have lower murder rates. What a total fucking moron!!! Obviously he doesn't have bloody clue and has never heard of Detroit. Been there, seen it and it ain't pretty. What a complete fucking ass clown.