Monday, December 03, 2012

Didn't see that coming...

Watching events around the new Observer status granted to Palestine at the UN it struck that only real international ally the Israeli rightwing has is the Canadian government. Sure the US continues to provide the Israel material support, but the Obama administration is also frustrated by the petulence of the current Israeli government.

Peace between Palestine and Israel is ultimately in the US interest and the US will begrudgingly support Israel when it acts unilaterally.

Baird and Harper on the other hand, are star-struck teenagers. I'm left wondering just what they'd do if Israel voted in a more liberal government?

Unfriend them on diplomatic facebook? Whimper into their pillows?



thwap said...

I think the biggest problem with Baird, harper and all the other assorted harpercon scum is that they're basically morons.

Cheering for Israeli imperialism is just de riguer for right-wing Canadian shitheads. In their stupid monkey-brains there's some sense that they're bravely standing up against the Holocaust, plus there's their idiotic Book of Revelations delusions and their slavering lust to vicariously pummel some sort of brown people somewhere.

harper has adopted this Israelophilia because it gets him votes. he doesn't care about anything. Baird has a dim sense that he's being appalling and it turns him on.

kirbycairo said...

No one is talking about Harper's weird, religious dispensationalism which is really at the root of his support for Israeli imperialism. I wish to God the mainstream media would do just one story that really exposed Harper's insane, fanatic religious support for Israel and it would finish his career permanently. Instead our media doesn't even talk about the roots of Harper's support even though he is the only major head of state in the world that actually supports Israel. The media just acts as though Haper's fanatical (and entirely isolated) support is just a run of the mill political decision.

John Klein said...

I endorse a combination of Thwap's and Kirbycairo's points. Baird isn't that bright, and Harper is a man blinded by both religion and vote potential in Canada. What I can't figure out is why there are people, even one in my house, who thinks Harper 'standing up for Israel' is more important than "standing up for Canada" at this point.

Way Way Up said...

Time to cut them off from their international support. You want to be a bully, Israel. Pretty easy when you've got US military might behind you to back you up. Maybe you should be bullied.