Monday, January 03, 2011

The pet experience . . .

The PooTrap®. Do you think it will fly in Canada? I don't think my ol' Bull Terrier would have been happy.

This isn't her. Great beak.


Anonymous said...

Slightly disconcerting advert, that music will be in my head for a while now.
Okay so how does it work in -30 Alberta weather when the dog is wearing boots, a coat and the bag would drag along in the snow? I've a mini-fox terrier and and a large chihuahua.
Also plastic tends to stiffen up out here which could result in a couple of things:
1: a catastrophic failure of the loaded bag, or
2: a sharp piece of plastic jagging the aforementioned mutt in the ring piece.
I see a law suit on the horizon.

double nickel said...

Another brilliant idea conceived over a bottle or two or rum. It's just so much easier to stoop and scoop. Besides, 99.9% of dogs would never handle this embarrassment. Not to mention, most dog owners ( at least in my neighbourhood) just leave the shit on the sidewalk. But that's another story.

Southern Quebec said...

What self respecting dog owner would do this to their dog?

Anyway, my chocolate Lab, would never let me attach something like this to her. Ever. She pretty much draws the line at the seat belt attachment...

Large chihuahua...oxymoron? :)

Anonymous said...

Careful SQ
He's the same size as a jack russel terrier.
The last person to try and bash me over my Chi was neo and that was a war. I don't put you into the same category as him though:)