Monday, January 17, 2011

Attention political strategists

This is how a new media campaign is run. This is how you make a political point in a memorable way. I don't know who the brains are behind this. I'll be amazed if it is something that the provincial NDP came up with, since it lacks their usual earnestness, but if I were in charge of any of the media stuff for any of the parties, I'd be hiring these people yesterday, if not sooner.


Kev said...

Absolutely brilliant, great site

Oemissions said...

what a riot
did you vote ? I couldn't resist: bigger executives!

Kev said...

Oemissions , I couldn't resist that option either, it just seemed to fit the tenor of the site

It is very smart on their part to keep their identities a mystery, it keeps you coming back hoping to find out. Lets hope this goes viral

Zorpheous said...

I voted for bigger executives too! I want to see 900 lb Corporate Executives rolling down the street

Moon Rattled said...

I voted for the financially obese as well. Poor things.

Yes a brilliant idea and our hapless opposition parties, federally and provincially, need to take a lesson.