Saturday, November 06, 2010

"I can't believe the news today..."

WHAT the fuck is wrong with the Harper government? I don't ask this rhetorically. There is something wrong with them. I've said they aren't right in the head before, and I mean it.

It was a twofer today.

Veterans, especially wounded ones, screwed for life. Congratulations you dumb. Conservative. fucks. You've just mobilised possibly the least publicly complaining group of people in the entire country many of whom were once your supporters. Soldiers very rarely make public noise about their ailments and the conditions of their service. They put-up and shut-up often to their own severe personal detriment, because endurance of extreme hardship up to and including maiming and death is part of their job description. But now, they've marched on parliament and MP's offices around the country.

Why'd they march? Because they were subject to the same wicked spirit of policymaking that saw you dismiss unprecedented research into the abuse and murder of Aboriginal women - a population cohort subject to some of the highest rates of abuse in the country - as apples and fucking oranges (Gee Shelley, that wasn't WPS slang for Aboriginal women was it?). Pieces of fruit. At least when you pukes called them savages, they were human, a lower order, but still human. Now they're compost.

This Harper and his government: Toxic to everything that might be considered good, decent, and just in this country.

Give us an election or give us torches, one way or another this vile and evil Party must go.


thwap said...

They're prepared to spend billions on hardware that we don't need, but they nickel and dime "the troops."

It's a rather small number of people. They should be given whatever it is they need. Especially given the harpercons' gushing rhetoric about how much they worship "the troops."

Rev.Paperboy said...

honestly, I'm not sure how much more depressing it can get. When you have wounded vets demonstrating against the government and the same 25% of the population who demand we all love the troops (or else) and think anyone who opposes any war for any reason is some kind of icky peace-creep minion of Stalin STILL support the government, you have to wonder if there is any crap that the tories knuckledragging political base won't swallow.
I can understand how they would discount the complaints of tiny marginalized groups like the 52% of the population that are women (/sarcasm) and natives and poor people and Toronto elites (ie Anyone from Ontario who has read a book since high school) but to ignore the holy "troops"?
I can't wait to see the spin they try to put on this one.

Beijing York said...

Way back when it was first introduced, the lump sum payment of disability/pension was being positioned similarly to the Bush proposed privatization of social security. The individual would have more control in making profits off that lump sum payment. Because in right wing "don't let the facts stand in your way" land, every individual is a potential multi-millionaire investor.

Rev.Paperboy said...

Because in right wing "don't let the facts stand in your way" land, every individual is a potential sucker.