Monday, June 09, 2008

Stupid Conservative Commenters

Conservative commenters on the CTV story about the death of Capt. Jonathan Sutherland Snyder decide that taking aim at his father is a tactic they like.

For those that don't know Capt. Snyder's father, David, said the following: "War is stupid. Everybody knows that. Everybody knows that. Well, no they don't. The politicians don't know that."

Some genius named "bobby" says:

"Like Cindy Sheehan in the US, he is inappropriately using the occasion of his son's death (who volunteered to serve!) to voice his political views on the war.

I will overlook it and ascribe it to his grief - unless he continues to do so in the future like Sheehan has done for her own personal gain. She is now running for Congress in California, unaware that her 15 minutes of shame are long since over."

It's been years since anyone dared voice such shite publicly in the US but apparently no one told "bobby".

It would be interesting to discover the IP on that comment. Surely it couldn't have come from DND.

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