Monday, June 09, 2008

It's called J4G

A new abstinence-only magazine targeting teens with some of the same old bullshit.

Information on Plan B starts out accurately enough but then morphs into the lies told by the religious fundie crowd. They then make the now thoroughly debunked abortion-breast cancer link.

And if you've screwed up and, well, you know, done the deed... NO PROBLEM! Just declare your Second Virginity.

Pregnant from a rape? No problem. The worst is over. Have the baby. Anyway, you probably brought it on yourself for not dressing in accordance with the instructions on page three. Once you've given birth, declare your Second Virginity.

Herpes. Of course it's a problem but in quoting the statistics from the US Centers for Disease Control they conveniently left out the fact that the incidence of Genital Herpes has been declining over the past decade.

The overarching message for teens: If you have sex before marriage you will -
- get pregnant
- contract a sexually transmitted infection
- not have great sex after marriage

Unless you declare a Second Virginity.

The information on contraception is... let's see here... complete bullshit! Get this. The writers of this crap report that even sexual sterilization doesn't work. No statistics or studies - just that it doesn't work.

Let's just say that it works better than abstinence-only education.

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