Thursday, June 26, 2008

Please reconsider. Or... were you... NO!

Well... shit. This is indeed, disturbing news.
Prime Minister Stephen Harper's head of communications announced Thursday she is leaving her post after more than two years on the job. In an e-mail sent to the media on Thursday evening, Sandra Buckler, Harper's director of communications, said that after consulting with family and friends, she has decided "now is the time for me to exit stage right from the Prime Minister's Office."
Gawd, it's always about the "stage" with you lot.

Look, Sandy, (You don't mind if I call you Sandy do you?), this is not necessary. You've done a heckuva job. And that's an honest line. You did what you were sent out to do. That doesn't mean I liked it, but I can't fault you for your devotion to duty. If you were in the Canadian Forces, based on the CF Personnel Assessment System, you would have been identified for immediate promotion.

I guess bringing up the CF isn't really such a great idea, is it?

Look, none of us would wish the thyroid thing on anybody. I especially understand that. Been there; done that. But hell, after they've taken it out, it's one pill a day. It's not pleasant, especially those constant blood tests, but that's really pretty minor when you look at the broad picture.


I mean, it seems like there is a bit of a broad broom sweeping through the Prime Minister's Office... suddenly. Really though, no expected you would be in its path.

Funny thing though. You're leaving at just about the same time Rick Hillier is leaving. He gave us all some notice. You know, like, I think I'll retire in July.

The proximity of dates is just a coincidence, I'm sure. I'm absolutely sure about that. Even after that nasty swipe you took at the Canadian Forces in January. You remember. The one where you pissed off everyone down to the private stores technician.

And now the new Chief of Defence Staff takes over.... when is that? Damn. I forget the actual date, but you won't be there to help him. That's sad.

Sea story time!

I have this old Zippo lighter given to me by a USN sailor in Subic Bay in exchange for a cap tally. (Yeah, it was back in the last century). Great inscription though.

If you don't know what Hell is like,
Fuck me around,
And you'll find out.

I don't know why I suddenly felt compelled to tell that story. Forget it. Means nothing.

In any case, I'm sure you weren't the object of a Subject To clause. That's a real estate thing.

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