Wednesday, November 25, 2015

What is it about Conservative politicians and airplanes?

Remember when Harper ordered (and the commander of the RCAF submitted to) the repainting of one of the RCAF CC-150 to better represent the "Harper Government"?
Here ... this will remind you.

Well, British prime minister, David Cameron, (often referred to as a spoiled brat from a better home), while announcing billions of pounds sterling in spending and program cuts, did this.
The PM has ordered a £10m refit of an ex-RAF plane just a week before the Tories announce billion-pound cuts in the Autumn Statement
Pampered David Cameron's new jet will only start saving money after 13 years, Downing Street has revealed.
And ... this.
Tory Cabinet ministers are to get a fleet of new executive jets - on top of the special plane for David Cameron
Oh yes, the Royal Navy gets this. 
The Government is to axe the Navy’s flagship to save costs despite spending £65million on upgrading the vessel a year ago.
Just sayin'.


Boris said...

Sigh. It's pathological. Tory governments really don't like Navies. Something about water maybe. But they really like luxury flying.

I notice they've also doubled down on their F-35 commitment. I see the QEII moored under construction when I cross the Forth bridges and wonder if it will ever see aircraft.

Boris said...

Does Ocean meet a need for the RCN?

Dave said...

Well ... probably not. Given the sorry state of the fleet now the RCN needs to focus on a replenishment capability and then get its area defence capability rebuilt. Ocean would be a nice capability but outside the box.

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