Saturday, October 10, 2015

The G&M Will Again Endorse the Harperian Nightmare.

I can hardly bear the suspense.

It should be any day now that Phillip the Crawley yet again instructs his pet editorial board at The Grope and Flail to endorse the Harperian junta.

The torturous language required in order to do that is what has me in suspense. I'm sure the tame scribes will do a bang up job of it or face the consequences.

It should make for an enraging read.


Sixth Estate said...

Actually it won't be too difficult. I can envision it now (in a nutshell):

"As the Conservative Party's own ads regularly point out, Stephen Harper isn't perfect. We don't pretend that he is. But in an election voters must choose between imperfect options.

Fundamentally, the primary goal of every government is to keep the economy on sound footing with the lowest possible tax footprint. It's true that the Conservatives have adopted certain policies in other areas that have been challenged by the courts and by many other interest groups in Canadian society. The Globe & Mail has always done its part to hold the Harper government to account, and will continue to do so.

But these are difficult and disturbing times. On many fronts, but especially with respect to security and the economy, Canada must rest assured that it will be on strong footing instead of experimenting with unproven and potentially risky ideas. Stephen Harper and the Conservative Party may not be perfect, but they will stay the national course at a time of great peril."

Dana said...

Oh fuck off, troll.

Sixth Estate said...

Actually, if you read the Globe's endorsement, you'll see that I was more or less right on the money. In fact, mine is actually far more logical than the Globe's.

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