Saturday, November 08, 2014

Pay no attention to the liar in the cupboard

Nothing demonstrates cowardice in a politician as much as attempting to sneak things, which should be completely public, past the citizenry in a clandestine fashion intended to hide the truth.
Boris laid the groundwork here.

Why is the coward bearing the title "prime minister" so hell-bent on sole-sourcing the F-35? BECAUSE HE'S MADE A DEAL HE HASN'T TOLD YOU ABOUT. He's hiding something - he always is!

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Steve said...

This is outragous on so many levels.
First lying about the single biggest procurment in Canadian History.

Second picking a lemon. I have read the F35 as we speak can only fly 15 hours before it needs a total engnine inspection/rebuild. It is likely this porker needed two engines and no single engine will ever be able to handle the thrust. As you know anyone could go on and on about the shortcommings of this "strike aircraft rebranded as a fighter jet"
Third this purchase will handcuff future goverments for generations.

Why both the NDP and the Liberals are turtling around on this is gutless. At the very least they could say they will cancel any contract for a plane that does not put pilot safey first, and in a plane that is two engines and a fire supression system.

The Mound of Sound said...

Let's look at it this way, Dave. How would the Russians react if Canada was patrolling the Baltic airspace with these "first strike", nuclear-capable, light attack bombers instead of CF-18s? Park those on Russia's borders and it's a major threat escalation.

Dave said...

Yup. Harper has made a deal to deploy bomb-trucks ... except he doesn't have any ... yet.

Boris said...

Oh, Stephen, what have you done?

Alison said...

Okay I get it - Steve is looking to secure his rapture wings badge.

DefenseNews Nov 4 2014

"Touted by US and Israeli officials as a new milestone in decades-long defense-industrial cooperation, state-owned Israel Aerospace Industry (IAI) inaugurated a production line Tuesday to provide wings for Lockheed Martin-produced F-35 joint strike fighters.
Work has already begun, with the first Israeli-built wings planned for delivery to Lockheed by the middle of next year."