Friday, April 17, 2009

That's right... there's a CHOICE

No thanks to the group Sarah Palin addressed in Indiana on Thursday.

Palin unknowingly indicted the very group she was addressing by indicating she had one thing the fetus fetishist crowd that was listening would remove from all women - choice and the right to keep that choice between a woman and her doctor.

At minute 4:30 of the video note how Palin tells the approving audience that she considered her options, not once suggesting that she was obliged to anyone but to her own conscience.

She exercised an option. At least that's what she says. Whether it was said in an effort to elevate herself in diefic synergy or whether it was something that she actually considered, she must now acknowledge that she actually had one and nobody is criticizing her decision.

What drives this right off the white line is that after having supposedly considering a possible option, which exists, she and the group she was addressing would eliminate that choice completely forcing other women take her direction.

That's very convenient. Now that Palin sees no further need for that particular right to exercise an option in her life, remove it from everybody else.

Perhaps Palin should concentrate more on other options she exercised. While she was out of Alaska doing "Indiana Wants Me" to a crowd of anti-choicers, back in Juneau the Alaska Legislature threw her choice for Alaska State attorney-general under the bus in a historic first ever rejection of a governor-appointed head of an Alaskan state agency.

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