Wednesday, August 09, 2006

How presidential of you - Steve

I truly hope a Canadian air force pilot from either this squadron or this squadron gets a Personnel Evaluation Report which recommends immediate promotion. After reading this little bit, it becomes obvious that His Royal Highness President the Canadian prime minister with the weakest minority government in Canadian history can't see past behaving like a tin-pot dictator of a banana-republic and a member of the Canadian Forces paid the price for it.

... on a recent trip, the Prime Minister was asked by a flight attendant to turn off his cellphone and BlackBerry. Mr. Harper declined. The pilot then made a request, saying it was for safety purposes. The PM relented. But, at the end of the journey, one of his staffers gave the pilot some news: His services would no longer be required on prime ministerial trips.
(Emphasis mine)

How... imperial of little Stevie.

Surely the little prick is aware that it is a hard and fast rule of flight safety that personal communications devices are not permitted to be operated during a flight to prevent interference with navigation equipment.

And, Harper's egotism does not trump the commander of the aircraft.

The Canadian Forces is under no obligation to observe Transport Canada regulations, however, safety on passenger flights meets or exceeds the rules laid out by Transport. Harper might want to have one of his flying monkeys look them up before exercising non-existent executive priviledge.

Be aware of which electronic devices are and are not allowed to be used during the flight. If you are unsure of the rules, consult a crew member.

Follow the instructions of the crew at all times and be respectful of them and the other passengers. It is illegal to behave in a threatening manner towards others on board the flight. Remember, everyone is entitled to travel in a safe and secure environment.
Too much for the whiney-assed-titty-baby who would be king.

Harper and his staff of donkeys owe an apology to the pilot in question, the crew of the aircraft, the squadron and the Canadian Forces in general, not to mention the Canadian public.

I hope the pilot requests redress of grievance for receiving unfair treatment as a result of doing the only thing he could do - operate his aircraft within the regulatory requirements of CF flight safety.

The next time Harper starts to blather on about the high-calling of CF personnel or how he supports the troops, we'll just remind him of this little episode.

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