Friday, January 03, 2014

You must be dreaming

I read this with my jaw on the desk.

Would this turkey, a man who was first elected on a backlash vote, actually quit?

Are you smoking crack?

Stephen Harper believes in one thing - Stephen Harper. The man is not your run of the mill sociopath. He believes that we, a nation of peace seekers, truly want everything to be exactly as he learned in five semesters of economics and the wisdom he developed running an organization that was developed to hate government. He hates you, he hates me and he hates anyone that is not totally and unequivocally in 100% agreement with his view of the world. Period. Full fucking stop.

Do you get that? Really. Do you? Because if you don't let me clear it up a little. Stephen Harper doesn't care what you think, do or otherwise believe. It's his way or the highway. He's the only one who could possibly be right on any subject and if you don't believe me, ask him! I'm sure he'll set you straight. 

I'd pity his wife, if she wasn't a willing and active accomplice. I'll give quarter when quarter is due and she deserves none.

Stephen Harper's view of you is very simple. You work your ass off for at least five days a week (at a wage that just barely gets you by), you get supper at 5 o:clock, you get hockey on TV on Saturday night and you fuck your wife on Wednesday and Sunday. What else could you want?

Are you the wife? Change your name, make supper for 5 o:clock, watch the hockey game and keep Wednesday and Sunday free for the Harper Nation. 

Do you have an interest in foreign affairs? Too bad, he'll handle it. It is so far beyond your basic understanding of things complex. Harper's got that ball and he isn't going to let your instinct to create a better world interfere with him hanging onto it. Donate to a charity. Build a well somewhere. Your tax dollars will only be spent where we can get something - nickle, bauxite, light sweet crude. If it destroys far flung communities outside your six-pack view, what do you care?

A "walk in the snow"?

Give it a rest. Harper would be hard pressed to dress himself for such an event without a multitude of staff to make sure the idiot strings were threaded through a parka. And then he'd claim he didn't know why they put the thumbs the wrong way up.

Ain't gonna happen.

As much as I thought Trudeau was an asshole, I learned that he still believed there was a point where he was doing nothing to advance us as a nation. He took the honourable route to retirement.

Stephen Harper has no such inclination. He is an unrepentant sociopath who will always believe that he alone, despite the counsel of thousands, has the vision to guide us to greatness.

As if we had not already achieved that stature in the world decades before his name had ever been spoken on a high-school home-room roll-call.

Stephen Harper will never leave of his own accord. He, in his own mind at least, is anointed. He wasn't elected; he was sent to us. Ask him.

We'll know when Stephen Harper is resigning. He'll have put a torch to the earth.


the salamander said...

.. Well said .. & delivered like a crushing body check ..

In my view Stephen Harper may put on his galoshes some day.. even soon.. but realistically, he has Ray Novak, Stephen Lecce, Jenni Byrne, Peter Van Loan, Fred deLoray and Arthur Hamilton to kneel in front of the throne and do that. Then Lord Stevie can amble to his armored limo.. and go see some snow..

His 'legacy' .. as if one could call such a destructive conniving trail, a legacy .. is growing more toxic, secretive and obstructive by the day.. and you've described the personality disorder behind that legacy, brilliantly..

I think the black swans are circling Ottawa and Alberta.. they've come to signal the end of the Harper nightmare.. I think Harper is coldly calculating a strategic withdrawal.. probably utilizing a brilliant cover story that his personal physician has discovered a benign malady that requires an imperative withdrawal from stressful duties etc blahblah..

Stephen will be accessible, a senior guiding light, the conscience of the government.. blarf blah blah..His values and outstanding service forevermore.. arf arff

West End Bob said...

An excellent description of the man that has single-handedly - with the assistance of the Canadian electorate, of course - destroyed a nation, Cap'n.

Well done . . . .

Dana said...

I could give Weston's piece a bit more credence if there were any courageous adults in the Conservative party hierarchy whose primary consideration was whether the party's coalition survived intact or fractured into it's component pieces.

There aren't any adults however, courageous or otherwise.

Only immature, sycophantic ideologues and ass kissers.

Which seems to be what our politics demands these days.

MgS said...

If Harper _does_ resign it will be to avoid a Diefenbaker-esque dethroning at the hands of a movement such as what Dalton Camp led.

It will be framed as "a walk in the snow" moment, but you can bet that a lot of long knives have been used to persuade him to move on.

I will agree with you that he won't go willingly - so it will take a lot of people in the party structure pushing hard to make it happen.

The only thing I will take you to task on is your commentary regarding his wife. Frankly, she has stayed so far out of the public eye - except for semi-mandatory photo-ops - that we really have no idea what role she plays. Every time I see her in pictures, I get the feeling that she is playing a role and no more.

She might be an enabler, or she could be an emotional hostage that we never see. Hard to tell.

Cut her some slack - none of us knows what is going on behind the closed doors of the Harper household. We won't know that until after Harper is out of the PM's chair.

Cathie from Canada said...

I don't know where these stories are always coming from. We've been reading stories for the last year or two about how Harper is going to resign, when the very last person in the world who would ever resign as PM would be Harper. He will have to be voted out of office, that's the only way we'll be rid of him.

Unknown said...

Our political system simply is not equipped to deal with a politician who has no sense of shame. At least at the federal level there is a chance of a caucus uprising to throw an unpopular leader over the side when the backbenchers figure out he is going to cost them the next election. At the municipal level -- Well, Rob Ford is still the mayor of Toronto