Tuesday, January 28, 2014

JobScam. An idea without a plan ...

... is nothing more than a dream.

That's what the weasel in a prime minister's suit is now trying to peddle to you. Having spent $2.5 million in advertising on a program that did not exist, this is how he explained it away. (From Aaron Wherry and you really need to read the whole piece).
“Mr. Speaker, I noted that the Canada Job Grant was in fact very well received by those in the marketplace,” Mr. Harper enthused, “by people who want to upgrade their skills, want to receive more training, want to gain jobs and, by pluralism, want to create jobs.”
Well, that just makes you all squishy thinking about all those happy people dreaming about the imaginary jobs they're going to get when the Harper government finally gets off their collective asses and actually negotiates a deal with the people who will be providing the access to training. Someday. Maybe. Would you like a sparkle pony with that elephant turd pie?

We may well have known a lot less about this fiasco if we'd relied solely on the information provided by Advertising Standards Canada. It took a leak for us to find out that ASC had forwarded fraud complaints on the expensive advertising and that the Harper government quickly removed them. The ASC, because the Harperites hauled their ads immediately after the complaints started piling in, won't identify the public abuser because they "withdrew" before the council could adjudicate. The only identity you'll see on the ASC website is Service Provider, buried amongst the restaurant, used-car and cheap air fare scams. 
The council publicly posts complaint reports, but there are two different ways of handling the disclosure, she said. Some transgressors are identified, others are not.
If an advertiser pulls or changes an ad after people complain to the council, they don't get publicly identified.
"If the ad was not withdrawn or amended until after the council decision, that's when the advertiser is identified," said Feasby.
And so it is that a posting on Advertising Standards Canada's website shows that a "service provider" with a national television campaign advertising "a new program of services" attracted 22 complaints last year.
"To the council, the commercial conveyed the general impression that the services were universally accessible," says the posting. "In fact, they would not be accessible for some time."
That's Janet Feasby. She won't tell anybody who the identity of the Service Provider is because the explicit rules say so. However ... back in August she wrote this about the Harper scam:
"In reality, the implementation of this program is not imminent, and the process of obtaining such agreement may well take a considerable length of time if, in fact, an accord with the provinces and territories (on the grant proposal) is even possible," said the letter leaked to Global.
And that one did identify the Harper government and it did make the point that the whole program, top to bottom, was blatantly fraudulent.

But yesterday, Harper told the country that everybody just loved it. He tells you all kinds of things. Most, if not all of them, are untrue. Yesterday's attempt to put lipstick on a pig shows a level of desperation in that he, and his cohort of thugs, have no amount of hesitation when it comes to insulting the intelligence of Canadians ... and spending your money to make themselves look good.

And when he tells you that they are the most fiscally competent herd in the field, keep in mind that they have yet to demonstrate anything resembling competence at anything. Clearly management and organization are absent with this crowd and without at least those two things, you don't have a government.

Harper couldn't organize a one man rush to a three hole outhouse ... but he can dream about it.


Steve said...

I was thinking aboot Harpers middle east clown car tour and the oxy moron that is fiscal conservatism.

the salamander said...

.. fade up from black - TV, laptop, movie screen split diagonally

One diagonal section shows Stephen Harper uttering greasy deceitful spew re Canada Job Grant in Question Period

Other diagonal section shows samples of pervasive ads which rained down on unsuspecting Canadians.

Here and there drop in graphics showing media buy $$ it cost, names of actors in the ads, ad agency name and budget

Judicious use of shots of Jim Flaherty, Tony Clement & other designers, apologists, defenders.. also sprinkled in.

I've been in several Services Canada offices lately.. the places are wallpapered with the damn posters.. and of course that's where one go's re job searches, Employment insurance, CPP etc .. the scumbags are leaving a poison trail wherever Canadians are..

gingersnap said...

Harper is a fascist, dictator and a control freak from way back.

Harper has brought over 600,000 foreigners to take Canadian resource jobs. Harper is bringing over thousands of Chinese for, his Northern BC mining plan. Communist China has already sued and taken 200 BC mine jobs from BC's miners.

300 Canadians were laid off in the oil patch, replaced by Harper's cheap foreign labor.

As Harper trains more and more foreigners? More and more Canadians will be laid off their resource jobs.

Why would Harper put out grants, to train Canadians for resource jobs? Recruiters charge $12,500 to bring over cheap labor for Harper.

The Mound of Sound said...

How can something non-existent be "well received?"