Saturday, November 23, 2013

Why Is Peter MacKay's Anti-Cyber-Bullying Bill ... (updated)

... so goddamned big?

Because, it's simply a reworded regurgitation of the repulsive Vic Toews Internet Surveillance Bill. You know, the one that got killed because the public was outraged at the idea of giving the police and government the power to spy on your internet activity. Now they want the meta-data out of your smart-phone too.

Michael Geist breaks it down for you.

You just knew the Harperites wouldn't leave alone the idea of spying on ... just everyone. After all, if you've got nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear. Right? Except that a complaining email to your Conservative MP could land you in jail.

And you're being called to the barricades again.

UPDATE: Just on time, Sir Tim Berners-Lee weighs in with his world-view. And who, (I know you are asking), is Tim Berners-Lee?

Good question.

I can guarantee you the frat-boys from the PMO, as they consume hours of streaming data in the Mayflower in Ottawa, and Peter MacKay wouldn't recognize his name if you created an app for their government issued smart-phones. THIS is Tim Berners-Lee.


fern hill said...

Dave! You been away or have I been dozy?

Good to see your pixels in any case

Simon said...

Hi Dave...I find myself using the word "depraved" a lot to describe the Cons and their deranged leader, and boy do they deserve it. First they claim those that oppose their internet snooping bills are pedophiles, now they're using bullied children to camouflage their agenda. You really can't get lower than that.
What human scum. See you at the barricades...

Dave said...

Fern, I have indeed been away, so you need to question your senses no further. :)

Simon, grab your pitchfork. We've got to put Crying Peter in the ditch.

Pale said...

Hey Dave.

Just bumped into this crap at DJ this morning, and it seems to be irking a lot of us.

Nice to see ya!

Dave said...

Nice to see you too Pale.

gingersnap said...

MacKay was caught sneaking surveilliance, under the wire? Typical of Harper and his henchmen.There are citizens that hold, MacKay responsible for permitting that monster Harper, to govern this country. Many Canadians thought, MacKay was a true PC.

Harper is a Fascist Dictator from back, in his Northern Foundation days of 1989. All we can expect from Harper and his so called Cons, is the very worst.

Dana said...

They don't know or care who Oppenheimer was either.

Dave said...

Actually, I've actually heard a knuckle-dragger in a suit and expensive cufflinks utter the question, "Oppenheimer who?"