Sunday, November 24, 2013

He knows nothing ...

Over to Cathie's with you. She picked up on the thought I was having this morning. The late John Banner's character, Hauptfeldwebel Hans Georg Schultz, became synonymous with seeing nothing and knowing nothing in the TV sitcom Hogan's Heroes.

As Cathie points out:
We're supposed to believe that not only did Harper know nothing about Wright's $90,000 cheque to Duffy, he also knew nothing about the previous plan to get the Conservative Party to pay Duffy's expenses and he knew nothing about the phone call to the auditors to try to stop the Duffy audit.
Do come back so you can hit this link to Buckdog, who directs us to today's PMO load of garbage.
Prime Minister Stephen Harper had no idea his staff had asked the Conservative Party to pay Sen. Mike Duffy’s ineligible expenses, his spokesperson said Sunday.
 Right. He saw nothing. He heard nothing. He knew ... nothing.

Another connection, and this is relevant for any number of reasons. The Cadman affair. You can get more of that one over at Creekside, and do pay close attention to the names.

In short, Harper has a history of being in the centre of bribery attempts and ... knowing nothing.


West End Bob said...

Harper has a history of being in the centre of bribery attempts and ... knowing nothing

Clueless? Detached? Above the fray?

I think not, and hopefully the sheeple will think not also . . . .

Cathie from Canada said...

Harper was busy watching the Brier -- brier rabbit, that is!

Alison said...

Hi Dave : Remember how heavily Harper leaned on that last Duffy/Cadman interview as proof of his innocence re the alleged $1M bribe? That interview showed nothing of the kind yet Duffy insisted it did because Cadman didn't mention the bribe to him.

Duffy : Chuck, earlier tonight Craig Oliver reported on our network special that the Conservatives were prepared to offer you an unopposed nomination if you would vote with them and also help with campaign funding and so on. Was that offer actually made?

Cadman : Well, there was some talk about that. As far as the nomination, you know, discussions did come up, the talk did come up, yeah.

Duffy : So they were making an offer to you and in the end you refused?

Cadman : Yeah, that was the only offer I had from anybody. So there was no offers on the table up to that point about anything from any party. [end of clip]

Might be a clue here why Harper has been willing to risk everything for Duffy's silence.

Owen Gray said...

It's been puzzling to see the amount of effort the Harperites have expended trying to shut Duffy down. Allison may be on to something.

Dave said...

I think Alison is onto more than "something". I think Duffy has the full scoop of dirt on the Cadman bribe and Harper is up to his ears in it.

Alison said...

Duffy only agreed to repay his ineligible housing allowances using someone else's money under the following five conditions :
1)written confirmation that he would not be subject to further Deloitte review
2)written acknowledgement that he met and has always met the PEI residency requirements
3)that all his expenses including legal fees would be repaid by ... someone else
4)that if rules were changed he would be eligible to make housing claims in the future, and
5)that the PMO would ensure it would "take all reasonable efforts to ensure that members of the Conservative caucus, if they speak on this matter, do so in a fashion that is consistent with the agreed media lines."

That's kind of an extraordinary list of conditions to impose on the PMO in order to accept their cheque, don't you think?

Duffy's clip of his interview with Cadman does end rather abruptly, don't you think?

What appalls me is that we went through all this same PMO bribery business over Cadman - who didn't accept it - 5 years ago and it made no fucking difference.

the Keystone Garter said...

This is why I'm not big on Christianity, or the Japanese, when it comes to ethics. Nothing wrong with a culture of respect, but is inferior to the Greek drive for excellence. The Greeks were the first to rationality because that drive included some driving to perfect the search for truth, and they would've gotten to ethics if they were so racist or inclusive or whatever...
A historian thinks Rome succeeded for a while in spite of no R+D, because it gave human rights to conquered peoples and they didn't revolt when the opportunity came (2nd Punic War). I think it goes much further. The Italian Province nearest to Sicily was already loyal to Rome when Athens attempted to conquer part of Sicily....all the Christianity in the world didn't help prevent Haprer from giving Duffy a Senate seat in return for airing the Dion out-take. The Christians in the USA are doing everything they can to end civlization via AGW. The Pope is busy fighting the USA, if Harper wasn't as religious as he is, he would long ago have embraced excellence in being a PM, because being a role model for future generations was the ethical act. The Greek gods demonstrated means to ends. Jesus suggested ends but no means. If Bell didn't have a tar Board member, the country and the world would be better places.

the Keystone Garter said...

...ethics is objective because our memories of our past own selves are as real as are other people. Hard argument, but if you value your past happiness you value the happiness of others in the present and everyone in the future. Alot depends on how efficient influence and the chain of command is; neocapitalism doesn't promote rationality anymore than Christianity does. And you don't want supersmart terrorists; you want molecular biologists to have the liberal arts courses that get my reasoning. USSR was educated most but probably not the books that blow your hair back. The Romans never promoted R+D or truth; they promoted gvmt corruption. AB is hostile to gvmt so flip flopping between Que and Ont PMs should've been interrupted by a MB or Vancouver PM. Not Cgy. There are good chips and bad chips. Wpg had the General Strike but AB thought the correct response to too little gvmt stimulus during the GD is even less gvmt. Jesus might have been useful in making it easier for Martel to unite Europe. But it was the Greeks and geography that got us to IR. The heuristic is to build people up with math english and logic, add philosophy to undo whatever parental religion, and then add potential WMD engineering fields. Right now some people are getting the engineering without the ethics, and many are stuck with a ROman upbringing because of dumb daycare. No progressive internet sites.

the Keystone Garter said... might get heaven whether or not you are pious...probably your odds go up if you live a utlitarian life. If someone values getting to heaven by following rules that are illogical and unethical, too strongly, they should not be elevated to power in financial, military, educational, or political form. This is where Canada has errored as AB doesn't graduate PhDs. A man like Chretein is not as pious as a man like Harper. A future WMD sensor network will need to boot out all the fundies from the NSA, or the NSA will not be fit to administer it.