Sunday, July 14, 2013

Positive thinking . . .

POSITIVE THINKING can be found at CORE77, which is a site about industrial design. Do check out the home page and articles. Anyway, one of their contributors, Ray, has a post about a Canadian triumph, "First Human-Powered Helicopter Surpasses Sikorsky Standards, and Why Humans Are Still Superior to Robots". It's a fine account of  the Aerovelo team, led by engineers and co-founders Cameron Robertson and Todd Reichert, who nailed it on July 12.

Check out this design concept award-winner, by Omer Haciomeroglu, from Sweden's Umea Institute of Design, for his ERO Concrete Recycling Robot. Haciomeroglu's excellent concept not only takes buildings down in an energy-efficient way, but it systematically recycles as it goes along. Just wait til somebody writes a phone app for a controller.

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Purple library guy said...

Sweet! I think I'm gonna use that thing in the SF novel I'm writing.