Saturday, March 31, 2012

TKO Trudeau

Hmm...wonder if Senator Brazeau will be defecting? Isn't that what athletes from totalitarian regimes do when they lose at sport against political adversaries?


"He didn't get me down," Brazeau said after the fight, his nose bleeding. He also challenged Trudeau to a rematch.
The brash, young senator from Maniwaki, Que., was the odds-on favourite to win. He has a martial arts background and served in the Canadian military.
Ask what hurt most, Brazeau responded "Oh, definitely the ego."
"You know, I'm a fighter and I'm a competitive guy. Obviously I like to trash talk," he said. "But again, I fell short tonight. But I'm still glad that I trained for five months for this. You know, I came up short 30 seconds, so maybe I'll try to make it up next year."
Yes, Brazeau, that maybe true, but that pretty latte-sipping Pierre-spawn cleaned your clock and that's really all there is to be said.

Better watch that rematch Justin. Cons cheat when they can't win honestly.


ThinkingManNeil said...

Cons cheat even when they can win honestly -- twisted nature of the beast

thwap said...

Is Justin Trudeau going to be Canada's Barack Obama?

A nice looking p.r. creation who gets people to temporarily believe in the bankruptcy of liberalism again?

Boris said...

I dunno about that thwap, but what did happen last night was that an oft-maligned symbol of almost everything the Cons despise about the Canada they inhabit proceeded to surgically despatch their self-professed and much ballyhooed (martial arts! veteran!) swaggering gladiator.

liberal supporter said...

Glad to see somebody doing the naysayer job today, thwap. The BTs are conspicuously silent. They don't even have channel changing posts up today because they were so overconfident they just wrote their triumphalist tripe and waited for the word to post.

Now we'll never hear claims about Justin blubbering "it's not fair!" "I didn't get the job done" and crying for his mommy while getting up off the mat after being knocked out by Conservative might. We'll be missing those reminders of how Liberalism is a mental illness, even when one is not punched silly. We won't get to hear how this is a metaphor for the problems of the weak, lily livered strutting peacocks that are the Liberal party.

And we'll probably hear nary a peep next week about the good Senator's new haircut and clothing.

Instead we'll hear about how there are more important things to do such as rushing approval for pipelines, rushing to ensure those charities disliked by the PMO receive full spectrum CRA audits from now on and rushing to build some jails.

Meanwhile your first statement is unfolding on schedule. JT just stepped out from his father's shadow, and I doubt we'll hear anyone calling him "Dauphin" again. He'll become leader in 5-10 years after Bob Rae. Bob will lead the Liberals in the next election because there won't be time for a convention after the Robocoup is fully exposed and an election called.

Rev.Paperboy said...

Once again reality is shown to have a liberal bias. Brazeau came out strong but in the end his yammering and tattoos didn't make up for Trudeau reach and experience.
This is not the first time a Trudeau has mopped the floor with a Conservative and it won't be the last time either.

Steve said...

Justin should refuse the rematch, ask for Airshow,(flies to New Zealand to play ruby type athlete) Just tell the Senator he does not want to hurt him.

Smartpatrol said...

We now have a new rhetorical weapon in our progressive arsenal:

"Watch your mouth - Don't make me go all Justin Trudeau on your Brazeau ass, punk."