Monday, December 12, 2011

Making enemies

Canada's formal withdrawal from Kyoto will have consequences for Canadian foreign policy and relationships with other nations. It places the Harper-led government at odds with nearly the entire rest of the world, which is desperately trying to find a solution to the commons problem and issues of fairness that are hamstringing climate talks. Canada is not withdrawing in good faith; we are withdrawing because a bunch of older angry white men high on functionally obsolete economics don't understand what's at stake.

We may find other states punishing Canada through trade barriers, passport restrictions and other measures. At home, the public, and other levels of government may well push forward with their own climate initiatives. Some legal, some acts of resistance and sabotage against the tar-sand driven oil economy.


liberal supporter said...

He said the cost of meeting Canada's obligations under Kyoto would cost $13.6bn (10.3bn euros; £8.7bn): "That's $1,600 from every Canadian family - that's the Kyoto cost to Canadians, that was the legacy of an incompetent Liberal government".

In other words, about price of the F35s. How come they never mention the jets "will cost $1.600 from every Canadian family"?

Given the claims of the righties that our media is so biased, exactly why are we only now hearing Kyoto has actually succeeded? Target was to reduce emissions by 5.2% below 1990, and currently the 37 nations PLUS THE U.S. put together, were at 7.5% below 1990 in 2010.

They just couldn't handle admitting that overall, Kyoto WORKED! I thought Chretien cancelling the Mulroney helicopters out of spite was stupid, but this takes the cake, and unlike the EH-101 which only had cancellation fees, this will have more repercussions.

Beijing York said...

This move is embarrassing, infuriating and just pathetic. More proof of how badly we f*cked up as a nation giving this clan of retrogrades a majority.

This is going to be a very long, dark winter. Harper just keeps shoveling one horrific move after another.

Carmichael said...

Gonna be a long, dark 4 more years.

SCMacNeil said...

This government sickens me. They're going to take everything that was admirable about Canada and wipe their asses with it.

When they're done, our image in the eyes of the rest of the world will be trashed. And unfortunately, once it's tossed aside you can't get a good reputation back.

Carmichael said...

That's nothing SCMacNeil.

The LPC and NDP aren't going to present a united front against the Harperites come 2015.

So the vote will split on the centre left and presto-bingo we'll have another 5 years of this government.

Then once 2020 rolls around you really won't know Canada anymore. At all.

It wouldn't be hard to get rid of the Harperite Conservatives.

But the Liberals and NDP think their partisan bullshit is so much more important than the country that they're willing to hang the country out to dry.

Not much left to do but weep.

David Wilson said...

Aw cmon' you guys, Elizabeth May says "I like Peter Kent as a person. He is extremely kind in many ways." and Mardi Tindal tells us that "minister Kent understands the science."

So maybe he's right then don'cha think?

Rev.Paperboy said...

David Wilson,
Elizabeth May says "I like Peter Kent as a person. He is extremely kind in many ways."

Yes, and Adolph Hitler was a vegetarian who painted watercolours and loved dogs. So what?

webs said...

Harper will no longer give our young military people any pensions, even if they are maimed for life. The WW11 vets were furious, our young veterans deserve better than that. Harper's, you fight for me and I will shaft you for it, is asinine.

Forget about Harper for any climate control measures. In Durban he shamed Canadians, when he was bullying other country's, to accept the dirty tar oil. He angered pretty much every country attending.

Harper also embarrassed us in Copenhagen. Country's are starting to shun Harper. He managed to lose, Canada's seat in the U.N. Harper is considered a, petty gasbag, arrogant, stubborn, impossible to work with, and co-operates with no-one.

Of course, Harper would never admit, Kyoto was a success, he has a lot of dirty oil to peddle.