Saturday, August 27, 2011

F-35: Canada fail, Aussie win

"I will not allow and the government will not allow a gap in the capability of our air combat capability...I'm not proposing to wait until the last minute...I'm proposing to recommend to the government that we make that decision next year."
The quote is Aussie defence minister Stephen Smith doing his job regarding Australian defence needs versus delays in the F-35 program. 

On this side of the Pacific, our boy Airshow appears totally cool with the prospect of a significant gap in Canada's defence.

Oh, and a note to the RCAF:
You may want to scrap web-pages like this. The multiple links to the F-35 make you look like gullible hacks for Lockheed-Martin and something unmentionable for Airshow.

It is appalling that you lot seem willing to go along with a defence minister willing to gamble the defence of Canada on a fiction without so much as a peep. I'm not sure you presently warrant the "Canadian" in your title, let alone the "Royal."   

(Aussie details via Mark)