Thursday, August 11, 2011

Bashar bashing . . .

SANDEEP DIKSHIT AT THE HINDU reports that Bashar Assaad is aware that

"some mistakes were made by his security forces in the initial stages of the unrest and assured an IBSA (India, Brazil and South Africa) team which called on him on Wednesday that efforts were under way to prevent their recurrence"

— they left witnesses. The outrage grows, but this seems below progressive care or concern, juding from column-inches, or whatever. Enter Stevie, who is at least making the right noises. At least the NDP or somebody could say something. If you live in the Ottawa area, go wave a sign in front of the Syrian embassy, make some noise.

Bashar is what Saddam wanted to be: a Stalin, a gray psychopath, ruthless, cold, calculating, without the addictive exercise of brutal caprice that reduced Saddam to the twisted-fuck status of a Hitler.

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Scanner said...

his father killed more and was defended by the Soviet Union. Bashar is defended by Russia who are preventing the UNSC from moving further. Neither Russia nor the former Soviet Union were progressives - both are totalitarian states controlled by a small clique. The United States, Britain and the rest of the EU are merely making gestures, unlike the action they took with Libya. Stevie is doing the same thing - meaningless gestures. The people of Syria will win, will remember who helped them. And perhaps will become an Islamic State because of this.