Tuesday, September 09, 2008

As campaign promises go, this one needs a microscope.

Harper proudly announced he will cut diesel fuel prices!! And people applauded!

Don't get out the champagne just yet. From the Department of Finance:
At the federal level:

* The excise tax on gasoline is 10 cents per litre; while the excise tax on diesel fuel and aviation fuel is four cents per litre.
Referring to his documents, Harper spelled out the details: he'll chop the excise tax on diesel fuel by half, that is by two cents, over four years. If he is elected. Unless he decides not to.

That should get the trucks and farm machines that crucial extra 35 meters into the driveway. Whew.


Oh, and the cut "will cost the federal treasury $600 million a year". I wonder what that invisible 2 cents would buy us if Harper hadn't let us take them home and drop them in the penny jar? Some mass transit would be nice...


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