Thursday, August 02, 2007

Coming To a Bridge Near You

While it's true that our level of taxation is significantly higher than in the US that does not automatically mean that we're doing any better at infrastructure maintenance.

After I read this opinion piece from The Minneapolis Star Tribune I found posted on Daily Kos I began wondering about the state of infrastructure here at home after the corporatist's decades long assault on civil spending.

It speaks volumes that the most cogent overall analysis (and collection of references) I came across is from The Canadian Council for Public-Private Partnerships albeit an analysis with a tilt toward their goals. Goals which I sometimes do and sometimes do not support.

For example, did you know that we have already used up 79% of our infrastructure's life expectancy?

Or that our infrastructure investment gap is estimated to be between $50 billion and $125 billion, a figure which is 6-10 times the level of all current annual government infrastructure budgets combined?

Collapses of this nature will begin happening more often everywhere in North America unless and until politicians start taking their responsibilities to the people who elected them more seriously than they take their responsibilities to the party they belong to.

In other words - nothing will change and the infrastructure will just keep collapsing.

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