Friday, June 01, 2007

Despite the attempts to repaint the room...

We're baaaack!!!

Yup. The sea gods and the air gods didn't get us. As Cheryl is wont to say, after a particularly grueling helicopter flight, "We're alive!"

Personally, I just liked the fact that it had real doors and you couldn't see the ground through holes in the deck.

The place looks great! I had expected to find unreturned booze bottles and pizza bones, but jeez, it's pristine! There aren't even strange articles of underwear under the couch.

I have to thank profusely, our guest bloggers. They not only provided great reading and incisive commentary but superior snark.

What they didn't do was:

1. Change the name of the blog;
2. Re-colour the background;
3. Add Powerline to the blogroll;
4. Compliment Steve Harper on his fashion flair.

Hopefully, we'll see the same guest bloggers here on a more regular basis, but in the meantime please give a round of applause to Alison, West End Bound and The Rev.Paperboy. They didn't do a good job. They did a helluva great job. (A standing ovation is now in order).

I was mulling over the idea of going more international with more posts and then, on my return, I noticed that Steve Harper is sinking to new lows. Watch your neck, Steve. Here comes a fucking scimitar.

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