Thursday, November 17, 2005

Malkin's stand in is just as dumb as Malkin

I won't link to Michelle Malkin's tripe, but you can get there via Blogoland.

In response to Maloney, the following applies:

Canada rates higher in press freedom than the United States. I hate repressive regimes too.

Rogue?? You want rogue? Hey Maloney, did you know that there is a country where the leader, after the election had more fraud than a dog has fleas, was selected by their supreme court... a non-elected body. Ever hear of that? Why we're so "rogue" that we're going to have at least two federal elections to your one. I hate that... God, there's pools of democracy everywhere.

Corrupt? Yup... there was a little problem there. We are taking care of it. How are you guys doing with that little mess over at Halliburton? How about that CIA prison system! Oops... sorry. That's part of the repressive thing, isn't it.

Evil regime? You ain't seen nothing yet bucko! Just so ya know... we have been amassing weapons with which to take out the US in one quick move. Canadians have been sacrificing for weeks to prepare for a sneak border crossing employing TMD (Timbits of Mass Destruction). Disguised as simple doughnut holes, we will be releasing Timbits (in 32 different flavours) enmasse on the American population on a single day. Unable to resist, this will cause the general population to demand that Canada come in and establish Tim Hortons in all towns and cities. (Tim Horton's is actually a form of government). Kiss your Twinkies goodbye!

By the way.... isn't that drug you're taking illegal?


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