Friday, November 25, 2005

A Federal Election Looms

It's a matter of time now. Stephen Harper's Conservatives in concert with the NDP and BQ have tabled a motion of non-confidence in the house.

Harper is betting that Canadians are still burned up by the contents of the Gomery Inquiry enough to punish the Liberals. However, Harper may be off to a bad start.

Alberta Premier Ralph Klein suggested that Harper doesn't have enough support in Ontario to win and predicted another Liberal minority government. Add to that a rather odd development - former Liberal MP Pat O'Brien has teamed up with conservatives to start Defend Marriage Canada. That should appeal to the wingnut segment of the Conservative Party which will start a new debate on "same sex marriage". That's political suicide.

The Liberals have been very busy and with a rosy fiscal report (written in deep black) they are presenting themselves in a better light than the last election.

Monday night should be straight forward. That is, unless the NDP pull a double-cross... and it wouldn't be the first time.


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