Sunday, December 04, 2016

More #ERRE thoughts

I'm finding it interesting to contrast the Liberal and NDP supplements to the ERRE committee report, found on pages 321-333.

The Liberal dissenting opinion makes frequent reference to witness testimony and descriptive data from the report to make its case for a comprehensive public engagement and knowledge building exercise prior to any hard decision on electoral reform.

In contrast the NDP supplement is largely rhetorical, but it at least goes so far as to suggest the two  proportional alternatives it sees as most suitable for Canada (MMP and RUP).

Neither are particularly enthusiastic about referenda.

The question I suppose is whether it's possible to introduce a viable MMP or RUP system for 2019 amid the technical constraints and aims of widening participation argued by the Liberals.

Seems to come down to both technical possibility for 2019, as well as trust that the Liberals are sincere about electoral reform that includes PR and wider democractic participation.

Tricky tricky.


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The Mound of Sound said...

Boris, I thought you might want to know that Canadian Progressives is no more. Lauralee tells me that she and her group let it go. So another aggregator is gone which, for most of us, narrows it down to ProgBlog.

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