Friday, December 11, 2015

Line up, you lying, cheating Harperistas ... here comes the bus

Remember this?

How about this or this?

So, from the mouth of a Harper conservative we get this:
“Basically what happened was that they used robocalls to misdirect NDP voters, to split the vote and allow Gary Lunn to win,” Duffy said.
“He knew nothing about it, except that they phoned him afterward and said ‘You’re welcome Gary.’ He said ‘What?’ (They said) ‘We got you in’.”
Lunn told The Canadian Press on Thursday that he has no recollection of the June 2009 lunch, never knew who made the misleading phone calls and never told Duffy that it was Conservative headquarters.
Somebody is lying. 


Al Hunter said...

Thanks for keeping the memories fresh.

the salamander said...

.. Deceit .. one of the founding principles of the Harper Conservative Party ..

e.a.f. said...

Lum maybe suffering from the same "disease" so many politicians suffer from in B.C. i.e the B.C. Rail trial, its was I have no recollection, I don't remember, etc.

who is lying and who isn't or who remembers or forgets........hard to know

Alison said...

The segment of the documentary Election Day in Canada : The Rise of Voter Suppression that interviews people involved in the SGI 2008 robocalled election is online :