Tuesday, October 20, 2015

More thoughts. Voter turnout vs. voter suppression

Well, the ex-Harper-cons succeeded in pissing off enough Canadians to actually find a polling station and vote them out in record numbers. More than 68% voter turn-out. Well over 70% in some ridings and regions.  Even with the Fair Elections Act, the cheating and the lying, all their fascist jackboot bullshit, bought newsmedia editorials, the rest of it, they still failed in catastrophic form. Wow. 

It's interesting to think that an entire generation of the civil service (including no doubt a number of now ex-PMO staffers) have entered adulthood and parliamentarians, the Commons knowing only Harper and his brand of governing. Even Rosemary Barton has mentioned she's only covered federal politics under a hostile Harper government. How government finds its way from here will be interesting to watch. 

Will they keep the Harper changes, fall-back on institutional memory, or evolve into something else? 


Sixth Estate said...

The problem is, there's only so much time in the day. Even if you come into office determined to dramatically restructure government to repair the damage done over the last decade, there's a small number of actual initiatives you can focus on.

So: defence procurement? Electoral reform? Climate policy? Diplomatic reputation? Conservation and fisheries laws? Police-state security services? Healthcare? Overly centralized government? Pick at best two or three of those I would imagine. And there are 50 more things we could probably list too.

And that's in a best case scenario and we haven't even talked about NEW policies.

The Mound of Sound said...

Well at least Trudeau has a bit of a blank canvas if he chooses to treat it as such and avoids the temptation to step into Harper's deeply sunk ruts. Obama, unfortunately, did that and it has been the one real stain on his administration. He even failed to reinstate Habeus Corpus. So much for Magna Carta.

Sixth Estate said...

Agreed on Obama's legacy, but the temptation to follow that route was and probably still is overwhelming. It's easy and it avoids controversy. "Smooth transition" and all that. And the more days go by before you take decisive action, the harder it becomes to change course later on.

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