Friday, June 12, 2015

Kelly McParland is a Fascist Asshole

This asshole appears to think that the Constitution of Canada is just a piece of paper that should have no legal meaning or force. That the Harperium should be able to pass any old law they like about anything at all and the Supreme Court should not be able to do a damn thing about it. That the Supreme Court has an agenda other than simply upholding the Constitution and Charter.

Thus the title of the post.

The prick works for the Notional Pout so I suppose I oughtn't be surprised. 

Go look for why I say this if you want. I'm not linking to the shit rag or to anything with the fascist prick's byline.


the salamander said...

.. only the ignorant believe The Harper Government & its blighted legislation represent the dreams needs wishes or will of the Canadian people. Without The Supreme Court of Canada defending the Canadian people and our Constitution, we'd have a far more insane disaster well underway and Harper's evangels running wild.. the nasty tail viciously shaking and choking the dog

greencrow said...

Loved this post. When are you going to add my blog to your blogroll?


The Mound of Sound said...

Isn't it curious that the self-identified "law and order" zealots can't stand it when their rancid ideology runs headlong into the rule of law? It's these dickheads who are behind the spread of illiberal democracy across the West. Some day we may have to fight them, drive them back, just as others had to do many times over in the past.