Saturday, June 13, 2015

Columnists Working to Rule.

According to this asshat at the Toronto Star columnists are going to work to rule.

Hallelujah is all I can say though I'm surprised to hear there's some sort of rule regarding columnists. 

The only constant I've ever been aware regarding columnists in Canada of is that Margaret Wente will always know something particularly damning about anyone who ever occupies the publisher's office at the G&M.

I'm pretty sure this pair of spectacles at The Star only means himself but one less mysteriously entitled shouty bugger on someone else's media soapbox is still something to celebrate.

If he could get them all to shut up that would be fantastic but I'm pretty sure that's not on.

Maybe it would be if there were any way of ensuring that what we read on the journalistic side of the broadsheets/tabloids/shitrags was in any way reliable/trustworthy/true but, hey, wanna buy some river front land in Arizona - I can get you a great deal.

Ta Da...rivers all dried up.

Don't blame me.

You shoulda asked. 

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