Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Dick-pic Revolution

Reposting my comment at Creekside.

2015 turned out to be a bizarre year for the surveillence state. In April, John Oliver interviewed Edward Snowden about the spy agencies' spying and used a "dick pic" to make his point. Later, the Canadian government passed Bill C-51 giving its spy agency free reign.

The "Dick Pic Revolution" began shortly thereafter and by December googling "dick pic" brought up over 500 trillion hits. It was estimated that 25-35% of all the penises in the world were now digitised and that fewer than 1% of searches would be free of dick-pics within the first 25 hits.

Rebel hacker group Anonymous joined the fray by hacking into government and corporate email programs and installing a virus, later made available freely for any disgruntled government or corporate employee to install at their workplace, that would attach a random dick pic to every email sent from those addresses.


Steve said...

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Cathie from Canada said...

Excellent, Boris. Very witty and very true, too.

Steve said...
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Steve said...

I have a image of Gods Dick pic.

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