Friday, April 03, 2015

F-16 vs. F-35

So, when you say about the F-35 following a dogfight with an F-16,
“The door is open to provide a little more maneuverability.”
You really mean the F-16 driver danced around your F-35 until you got dizzy and had to land, right?


Steve said...

On the bright side if they ever get that $400,000 helment working the F35 piliot will have an unprecedented POV of being shot down.

The Mound of Sound said...

Interesting that they're using the F-16 as benchmark for the F-35. They should be using Eurofighter, Rafale or the SU-35 but that would only reveal the F-35's thrust, speed and agility deficiencies more glaringly. I had a chance to review some assessments of Eurofighter versus F-22 test knife fights. In the hands of a gifted - and lucky- Raptor pilot, the F-22 could use its thrust vectoring nozzles to good advantage at the break provided the pilot could immediately get onto the Eurofighter's tail. A few wasted seconds and the thrust-vectoring bled off so much airspeed that it threw the F-22 from offence to defence and, at that point, Eurofighter won.

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