Saturday, March 14, 2015

Outright Liars

Jason Kenney is a liar. So is his puppy, James Bezan. So says the commander of Standing NATO Maritime Group 2.

Kenney and Bezan are claiming a close encounter between HMCS Fredericton and Russian surface combatants and aircraft. Supposedly, they got that information from the commanding officer of Fredericton.

Not bloody likely.

There is a near zero chance that the captain of Fredericton sent anything but a factual report of a distant visual sighting of Russian ships and aircraft. To do otherwise would prompt Rear Admiral Brad Williamson, commander SNMG2, to boot HMCS Fredericton to a safe area, well away from any activity. Excitable frigate captains who embellish contact reports are not an asset in such situations - they are an extreme liability.

The fact that HMCS Fredericton remains on station with SNMG2 is solid evidence that the ship is performing and reporting in accordance with the well-practiced doctrine established by the officer in tactical command.

That makes Kenney, Bezan and anybody who repeats their words, liars.


Alison said...

Hello my captain
Gosh was it only 5 years ago that Harper and Airshow MacKay were bloviating about staring down Russian bombers in the Arctic and turning them back to Russia and NORAD commander Gene Renuart said - no, you didn't.

Dave said...

Bingo! These guys are experts at creating their own personal fables.

Boris said...

The Cons seems to have an inverse relationship with distance. Harebell notes that 200 metres isnt really the "frontline" and miles from the battle area.

Dave said...

Good point. If that racist pig of a defence minister got within 200 meters of a firefight he'd be leaving a doughy load in his Fruit Of The Looms.
However, NOW ... a ship 4.5 miles astern (which is more than half way to the horizon) is a close encounter. I'm surprized he didn't state that it was an attempted ride-out. But then, he probably wouldn't be able to fathom that cold-war tactic.

Owen Gray said...

They make their own reality, Dave. Psychiatrists call it paranoia.

Purple library guy said...

I've been losing track of the Con talking heads; who is this James Brazen guy?

Dana said...

I think James Brazen is the guy who made the previous dick post.

lungta said...

well in a country that says 25% of the voters gives you a majority and then if barely over 1/2 of them agree you can start with "most canadians want..."
i'm stunned
i don't think it's parinoia tho owen ....they are not aware enough to be afraid

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