Thursday, August 21, 2014

Harper's ideology now presented with "acceptable casualties" ...

Shorter Lisa Raitt
The deaths of 47 people, the devastation of an entire Canadian community and the subsequent years of horrendous nightmares are acceptable collateral damage in the Harper Conservative war on reality. No amount of losses or devastated lives can prevent us from moving forward with our dangerous and seriously flawed ideology.
This may be just as "sexy" as Raitt's drooling over people dying of cancer because of a radioisotope shortage perpetrated by the Harper government. 

Since Raitt likes sexy issues involving people being killed, she can wear this one.


Michael Taylor said...

Yes it is now 48 hours later and there is NO evidence of CPC response to the Lac Megantic report beyond this very lame presser of August 19th where Minister Raitt admitted she had not seen the report yet and the completely inadequate response of her parliamentary secretary to Evan Solomon's questions on PowernPolitics. I think this is FUBAR in light of the completely avoidable deaths of 47 CANADIANS in Lac Megantic, let alone the the destruction of property.
All we have heard from the Prime Minister are relatively meaningless comments on the butchery of ISIS and other foreign"policy" dithering (it is hard to give his pronouncements much credence when he has not faced the second significant manslaughter of Canadians (let us not forget the Listeria outbreak due to tainted luncheon meat!!) on HIS watch. Government oversight and regulation is not an optional exercise when it comes to public health, transportation and the environment!! Harper will wear this, huge fail!!!

Steve said...

You are your own goverment, except when we ,<a href=">want something.</a>
Of course the Harper goverment did nothing wrong, they never have and never will. Point zero 2015 its not a dream.

The Mound of Sound said...

Ideologically hidebound swine.