Monday, December 23, 2013

Conniving CONs . . .

THE SENATE HOO-HA'S origins, as seen by my friend Scanner, who I believe has created an accurate account of how things came to be. I wish the RCMP every success, good luck and good weasel-hunting.
I have written this before but in light of SJH's unequivocal answer to the question whether he was aware at the time of a plan to have the Conservative party reimburse Mike Duffy for his questionable expenses, this is what I believe happened.
At some point two or more years ago, SJH and members of his closest clique came up with a scheme to increase Conservative fundraising while making the taxpayers of Canada pay for it. 
They schemed to recruit media stars like Mike Duffy to travel all over Canada attending Conservative fundraisers, but by making them Members of the Senate, have their expenses paid by the Senate. 
The PMO and the Privy Council were fully aware that the eligibility of Duffy and Wailin and others was questionable a best but since this has never been a problem before, did not even consider this.
These recruits were told to just expense what they needed to, that no-one ever questioned Senate expense reports and to get out there and start raising money.
I believe the PMO and SJH expected some level of discretion on the part of these flacks but made no attempt to monitor them. I bet Wallin's travel costs were a surprise even to SJH who has never tried to curb his own expenses.
Now they are caught in an ever expanding ring of lies to cover up the real crime - that the Prime Minister, The members of the PMO, the Privy Council and the Conservative Party of Canada colluded in a scheme to enrich the coffers of the CPoC by defrauding the people of Canada.
To cover this up, SJH is willing to lie at every turn and to destroy anyone near and loyal to himself and the Conservative Party. If the real facts come out they may all face prison. I hope they do. If you can't face the time, don't do the crime.


the salamander said...

.. a brilliant analysis ..
it fits the pricks like a glove ..
its exacly the way they operate..

Danneau said...

This is far too plausible to ignore, given the levels to which most governments have stooped over the last few decades. However, it will probably be easily dismissed by the press and by most Canadians who haven't been paying attention, and the RCMP doesn't really have the track record to support the supposedly stellar reputation the lay claim to, so I'm not betting that I'll see the full light shone in this corner in my lifetime.

Steve said...

But running anti pot ads against Justin is gov biz right?

Every pol I have really disliked more or less got their due, held on to the money but lost all respect. I hope Harper goes to jail.

Owen Gray said...

Sounds entirely plausible. And it's in plain sight.

the salamander said...

.. at this point .. its almost undeniable that Stephen Harper's reputation, leadership and 'party' support.. and whether he remans 'electable' .. may be out of his control.. instead, a Nigel Wright or Mike Duffy, or one of the other 'in the know' players such as Benjamin Perrin, Gerstein etc in the PMO/Senate Scandal, or a Sona will tell all, validate all.. to avoid jail, fines, complete dishonor.. or as payback to Harper et al.

Of course.. delay, obstruction, appeal, various parliamentary immunity options and solicitor client privilege will be exercised to the maximum .. but the Plague Ship Harper is listing in the water, ethically rudderless, and overloaded with toxic weakling crew.. Black Swans are circling over Ottawa & its Stephen Harper at the epicenter.

Scanner said...

It's Omerta

Way Way Up said...

That IS a pretty creepy smile I must say.

Unknown said...

Also consistent with appointing his "War Room" propaganda and character assassination operatives to the Senate to be paid on the taxpayer dime.

The Mound of Sound said...

It's absolutely true re Duffy. One reason he didn't log enough time to establish residence in PEI was that he was constantly on the road campaigning and fundraising for the Tories. In his office there was a photo of the Puffster and Harper inscribed "to my most valuable Senator" - SJH

Even though Duffy's heart was a barely pumping bag of plaque, they kept him on the road gladhanding for the cause. They only turned on him when he became a political liability after the Wright-Duffy-Harper under the table cash deal surfaced. Remember that only came out because Duffy was dumb enough to e-mail some supposed friends with details of the deal and one of those passed it along until it finally reached CTV.

If Duffy had kept his mouth shut we probably would have known nothing about it. Wright would still be Harper's CoS and Duffy would be a senator in good standing.

gingersnap said...

The *Harper* government, is corrupt to the core. Harper has a list of degenerates, as long as his arm. Some of them are even off to prison.

Is there not a Liberal Senator doing time, for a much lesser theft? Let us see how many of Harper's Senators are, thrown in the brig?

They'll keep spending, until we learn to love them.
Dec 22/2013