Friday, December 20, 2013

Airshow MacKay rolls out more of that "Compassionate Conservatism"

First it was James Moore, telling us he was fine with Canadian children starving; then it was that nasty little shit, Flaherty, making it clear that the elderly can continue to eat cat food.

Next up? None other than Elmer MacKay's entitled brat, Peter "Airshow" MacKay.
MacKay said poor offenders could pay the fine back over time or consider selling some of their belongings to pay off the debt.
Selling off their belongings? Most of them don't have any belongings. It's one of the reasons they're standing in front of a judge. And one judge had something to say about it.
“You have to understand these people have nothing. That’s the tragedy,” said Waterloo region Ontario Court Justice Colin Westman, one of many judges in Ontario who have found ways to minimize the mandatory penalty by doling out small fines that reduce the victim surcharge to as little as 30 cents.
“I’m not trying to be a smart-alec here but I think someone has to remind the minister there are broken people here who don’t have anything to give. It’s a bully mentality. It’s kicking people while they are down,” said Westman Tuesday. “The people we are dealing with, believe me, a high portion of them are just broken souls.”
The judge also recommended that MacKay actually spend some time in a courtroom. What a novel idea ... a Canadian justice minister actually having a clue what actually constitutes the parade of accused in a Canadian courtroom.

It's amazing isn't it? At this time of year when we actually think of the characters in a Charles Dickens novel, the ministers of Harper's government actually associate best with the worst of them.

What ever law school conferred a law degree on this self-absorbed, self-entitled shit-head should seriously consider finding a way to disown him.


Steve said...

white elephants miss Airshow

RossK said...

And what are the odds that, if you asked him, Mr. MacKay would tell you that his favourite Christmas movie is 'It's a Wonderful Life'?


The Mound of Sound said...

Maybe he should spread some of his old man's Airbus money around to help out indigent convicts.

bcwaterboy said...

McKay rarely disappoints in stating the outrageously stupid, and to suggest that people who have no worldly possessions sell those, pretty much shows how little thought this man has.

Owen Gray said...

Better still, lock him in a homeless shelter for a week and see if he survives.

Anonymous said...

Now Owen Gray certainly has a nice idea. Actually as NDP MlA did something like that a yr or so ago. Went and lived on welfare and the streets for a month. About 30 yrs ago so did emory Bairns. Who at that time was an NDP, MLA Both men lost weight. Perhaps we should add Moore to the list and see how long either of them last in Ottawa, living on welfare, no home, and a criminal records. its enough to drive a person to drink and crime. Most people in jail are there because of crimes which might well have not been committed had the person had a life which had the essentials.

Many of the women in jail, all they have left maybe the picture of their children. Would MacKay like them to sell that for perhaps a dime. O.K. Peter, lets get you admitted to a hospital somewhere. Your brain isn't functioning. It would appear the Cons think all crooks are well to do. Now that may apply to the crooks within their party or in their social circle, but not so much in real life.

gingersnap said...

Herr Harper has turned Canada into, a Fascist Dictatorship. Harper is of his, Northern Foundation of 1989. Harper is no Conservative, what-so-ever. MacKay and the rest of Harper's henchmen are, useless, spineless, gutless wonders. There are Canadians who, hold MacKay directly responsible for, permitting a Fascist monster such as Harper, to govern this country.

Herr Harper and his henchmen, only have love for themselves. To me they are Traitors to Canada, doing acts of Treason. Harper is handing Canada over to, the vile Communist China. Harper knows he is despised. He has signed a deal with, the Red China Communist Army. However, Communist China treats their poor, as dirt under their feet. So does Harper and his rotten henchmen. No-one can become, any lower than they are.

Dana said...

Some "One Note Samba" for your listening pleasure - to go along with your reading gingersnap pleasure.

Dave said...

LOL Dana!

Dave said...

Ross K, and their favourite character is Henry Potter.