Monday, August 05, 2013

Ralphie nails it . . .

I've always thought Ralph Nader was somewhat wonky, but this observation of his is a rather incisive summation of the Gopper psychopathy, IMHO. Thanks to Reader Supported News, for giving him the space, with a posting worthy of your contemplation, "Love, Corporate-Style".

Mitt Romney famously said during his most recent bid for the presidency: "Corporations are people, my friend." Perhaps nothing else better surmises the state of our country -- even the state of our culture -- than a prominent politician running for the presidency openly advancing such a flawed opinion. It is no secret that corporations now wield immense power in our elections, in our economy, and even in how we spend time with our friends and families. Corporate entities, in their massive, billion dollar efforts to advertise and "brand" themselves, not only want consumers to think of them as people, but even as "friends." If a corporation could hit the campaign trail itself, one could imagine it uttering the phrase: "Corporations are friends, my people."

BUT MOST IMPORTANT, is Ralph's call to the digital dugouts in the web-war for people's hearts and minds:

So let's conduct an experiment. The goal is to send a message to some of these giant corporations who are so obsessed with establishing themselves as your "friends" while taking advantage of our health, our workers, our electoral system, our government, our justice system and our economy. Take to the social media ramparts. Send out a tweet directed at the corporations you feel are the worst perpetrators of this snake-oily style of branding and question their worst offenses. Use the hashtag #corporatelove.

Don't forget Facebook. Go visit Nestlé or Monsanto and say hell-o.


gingersnap said...

Harper's corporations are, bottomless pits of greed. They aren't real people, such as you and I are. Their greed is such as, they want very cheap labor just as China has. Every time corporations line up at the trough and squeal for more money? Harper gives them another, $60 billion in tax reductions.

Don't even think of corporations of good decent people because that, they are not

Beijing York said...

I'd rather not say hello on Facebook because Nestle and Monsanto will probably take over my news feed, shutting out far more important voices.

Corporations are not people and the people who own and operate them are not my friends. Hell, their life of entitlement and riches is so out of my stratosphere, I can safely say that they are neither my acquaintances or neighbours, either.

Steve said...

Maybe the next revolution will not be on TV it will be on social media. These guys game everything, and when they get to many thumbs downs, they change. Holding on to power is all they care about, let them suck your hashtags.