Sunday, June 09, 2013

A map of Stevie Crime . . .

THE ELECTION FRAUD ATLAS of Canada: a site that proclaims itself to be

A comprehensive public source for materials pertaining to the electoral fraud that dominated the 2011 Federal Election, created through crowdsourced funds and data.

Each phone icon represents a riding-specific report of fraud, pulled from publicly available court documents, blog posts or newspaper articles, signifying hundreds, if not thousands, of unreported voter suppression calls.

Zoom in, select from the list or click on the map to explore individual ridings. Toggling the icons at the top of the page will allow you to drill down and filter the fraud reports by source.

In the 2011 National Election, there were complaints of voter fraud in 247 of Canada's 308 ridings, currently under investigation by Elections Canada. Three major polling companies estimate that 690,000 voters got fraudulent calls telling them to vote in the wrong place. That's almost 3% of all Canadians in an election ultimately won by 6000 votes, and does not include the widespread harassment calls, where political parties were impersonated and voters were repeatedly called at inappropriate times.

This is more than just a few silly prank calls: it's the biggest case of electoral fraud in Canadian history. Ever.

The Fraud Atlas of Canada currently incorporates materials from the Council of Canadians,, Sixth Estate, Saskboy, and countless local and national newspaper articles, including the work of Stephen Maher and Glen McGregor, recipients of a World Press Freedom Award for their coverage of the scandal.

Check it out — and get very, very angry.


meadowlark said...

Canada's Parliament is fashioned after the, Westminster Parliament of England's Parliamentary system. What works for a Democratic government, doesn't work in a Dictatorship.

England is a Democracy. Politicians are not permitted to be corrupt, nor lie and thieve from the people. They go to prison when caught. Even two Lords from the House of Lords were caught in corruption.

Most Canadians were brought up to believe, good over evil. That is no longer so in this country. Canada is now, a cesspool of corruption.

What kind of a Canadian P.M. would give Canada, to Communist China? The permission to sue any Canadian, getting in China's way into Canada. Or, Harper's FIPA deal with China. That means, China will be in Canada for at least, 31 years.

Most Canadians know, Harper cheated to win the election, with his robo-call scam. However. Harper is a Dictator, he controls absolutely everything. Those who oppose Harper? Well lets just say, they don't call Harper, spiteful Stevie for nothing.

Purple library guy said...

"England is a Democracy. Politicians are not permitted to be corrupt, nor lie and thieve from the people."

Bit of an exaggeration, don't you think?

Beijing York said...

That atlas is so well done. We should be angry, the press should be angry (beyond Maher and McGregor) and the oppositions parties should be angry.

MgS said...

The site is interesting, but it has some problems. The atlas shows (or suggests) that corruption happened in some ridings, but then links back to articles which appear to be unrelated to the riding where the symbol appears.

More investigation is required, but I suspect some serious problems with the data mapping to geography.