Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Penny-wise . . .

Got an appeal for money from the Oakville Ontario PC's this week, on behalf of the latest chooch to give it a try.

What was interesting about it was the stamps on the envelope, two "A" postage and a surprise, a 1937 3¢ Coronation stamp. I guess two "A"s and 3¢ are what Canada Post charges these days. I mailed a #10 five or six months ago, for around 60 cents or so, as I recall. Don't do postes postage much anymore.

As to the 1937 stamp, the stamp catalogs list its value as around $1.50 or so, mint. I am told that used but not cancelled, it is essentially worthless. That's an instructive look at how successful the Ontario PC's might be with our money.

Also, seems like Canada Post is saving money on ink for the cancelling machines these days.

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