Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The Harper Broadcasting Corporation . . .

STEVIE IS MOVING IN ON THE CBC. According to Lauren Strapagiel at Canada.com with an article, "If Harper ran CBC programming", there is "newly tabled legislation that would give Prime Minister Stephen Harper a tighter grip on Canada’s national broadcaster".

Go read the article, and keep Stevie from turning the CBC into the HBC.


This might happen sooner rather than later. e-activist asks, "What does abuse of power look like?". According to e-activist, a majority of the CBC's Board of Directors have contributed financially to the Conservative Party. Check it out, there's a petition you can sign, as well.


meadowlark said...

Most of the media are, Harper's propaganda machines. Don't we know, anyone opposing Harper has to go? Harper is King Dictator of Canada. Harper also gets rid of anyone he thinks, are more intelligent than he is as well. When Harper's caucus called Harper a control freak? We knew that long ago when, Harper was Policy Chief of his, Northern Foundation Party of 1989.

Our family gathered around the radio, to listen to the news of the war on CBC. Six members of my family served in WW11. Harper most certainly is not worth, our young Canadian boys dying for. Harper is exactly what our boys fought against, an evil Dictator.

CBC has been the voice of Canada, for absolute decades. However, evil tyrant Harper, just can't afford the CBC to speak the truth of his criminal activities. Harper only permits, Goebbles like, propaganda.

Dana said...

I don't think many Canadians would even notice if the CBC, Canada Post, VIA Rail and whatnot were privatized.

Once they did notice I'm not sure they'd give a shit.

I'm not sure they'd give a shit if Canada was sold to the highest bidder.

They're sure not noticing it now.

I think it's time to take down the Maple Leaf and fly a blank sheet of silk and see if anyone notices or cares.

the Keystone Garter said...

CTV misreported the spread of 2009 Swine Flu; reporting a confirmed case I believe, on a continent where there was no confirmed case until a day or two later. And the CBC would'nt pan out to street parties in the middle of an Olympic Bronze medal game. Are there any copies of how Teemu and Teppo rallied against Demitra and the other Slovaks?
You have to, if you aren't a Neocon Christian, cost the education value of CBC. Whoever the CTV execs, are they like Canadians sickly and dumb.

Via rail is a hedge against high oil prices. Neocons don't know how to hedge at all. It is why the Aspers lost Global. My hppaiest childhood memory was taking a train with my father through the rockies. I wouldn't have given Western Canada any hsot at housing me otherwise.

the Keystone Garter said...

...Canada Post or my MOM dealer stole $300 from me. Screw them.

The Mound of Sound said...

I wish that panda bear was about five years older.