Monday, April 15, 2013

Thank-you . . .

THANK-YOU, ANONYMOUS, for slapping one upside the head of the Keystone Kops. Really, the sound of a multitude of pickles being withdrawn from a multitude of orifices must have been quite deafening.

Now, if I could ask you to take a look at something?

Could you please have your comrades take a look at where all the money went?

All the Wall Street crooks, the hedge fund weasels, use your imagination — we've been ripped-off, and we need help. Maybe one of you could even figure out how to get it back, or fix it so "they" don't have it anymore?

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The Mound of Sound said...

Twenty odd years ago, Ed, I had lunch with the head of cyber-security for a big international accounting firm.

He mentioned an incident in which authorities very narrowly managed to thwart a threat that would have essentially stolen all then current Visa records in the United States. The culprits were already in prison and were intending to demand a huge ransom, complete pardons and amnesty from prosecution in exchange for restoring the information.

Apparently the scheme was detected just in time but the experts who got into it realized it would have worked, completely.

This is now falling into the purview of state actors instead of criminals who would basically collapse a target country's economy by employing "knowledge bombs" to bring down all major financial institutions simultaneously. An economy might never recover... and not a shot fired.